WaveRunner Docks

WaveRunners deteriorate and delaminate over time when stored in the water with a typical dock. Constant exposure to water means you will end up having to replace them more often than you thought you would. With Jet Dock’s floating WaveRunner docks, you can prolong the life of your WaveRunner and save it from unnecessary wear and tear.

Boarding, launching and dry-docking your WaveRunner has never been easier. Our WaveRunner floating dock is designed to keep your personal watercraft (PWC) out of the water but easily accessible, so you can spend more time having fun and less time messing with docking and lifting your WaveRunner.

Jet Dock's WaveRunner lifts are unmatched as far as WaveRunner docking systems go. They are customizable and innovatively designed, allowing you to create the exact dimensions and advantages you desire. Below we explore why you should consider Jet Dock WaveRunner lifts and docks for your new PWC storage solution.

Jet Dock WaveRunner Docks Have an Unbeatable Design

When you arrive at your destination and are itching to get into the water, having to go through a lengthy un-docking process is the last thing you want to do. Jet Dock’s WaveRunner docks are very user-friendly due to their accessible design. We've created our floating docks so that you can drive your PWC directly onto it, making it easier than ever to dock your equipment. Additionally, you can easily walk around on the dock and board, launch and deboard your watercraft.

  • All of our docks come with a lifetime limited warranty in case something happens to your Jet Dock.
  • Our drive-on dock design is a patented design, so you won’t find it anywhere else. It is the easiest and most straightforward WaveRunner docking system on the market today.
  • Our WaveRunner docks are expandable and customizable, so you can size them however you desire. This allows you to create ample walking room so that you can easily board and deboard your WaveRunner without having to jump into the water.
  • Each WaveRunner floating dock is created from a highly durable, polyethylene material. It is constructed and built to last year after year.
  • The surface of the dock is designed so that it is slip-resistant, creating a gripping and safe surface for you to walk on.
  • Each dock comes ready to be equipped with a security system if you want to add extra safety protections to your WaveRunner.
  • The WaveRunner floating dock is fully customizable and uses a modular design. It can be configured however you wish and easily changed.
  • The perimeter features cleats that tie off.
  • The dock’s deck is self-drying and features a water-draining technology that keeps it dry on the water’s surface.
  • The deck is non-hydroscopic and won’t deteriorate due to constant water exposure. WaveRunner lifts are also non-polluting and non-corroding.
  • The black Jet Dock systems are ultraviolet stable for life and will not deteriorate from even the harshest sun exposures. Lighter colored floats are treated for long-term UV exposure as well, but nothing is as forever as the black Jet Dock floats.

If you have used traditional, mechanical WaveRunner lifts, you know that they are complex and difficult to use. They are clumsy to load and unload your PWC, and leave your craft very hard if not impossible to clean, service and cover. Once launched, the mechanism often stays under water, which deteriorates and fouls the surfaces rapidly, potentially even troubling the surrounding marine environment and marine life.

A healthier, easier and safer option is the Jet Dock WaveRunner docking system. It is portable, allowing you to take it with you when you move slips or properties.

You can fully walk around the WaveRunner on your dock, making it easy to refuel, cover, operate or secure your watercraft. Maintenance and upkeep are more accessible than ever with the innovative design of Jet Dock's WaveRunner docks.

Experience Jet Dock's WaveRunner Docking System Today

The benefits of our WaveRunner docking system cannot be found anywhere else on the market. At Jet Dock, our WaveRunner lifts prolong the life of your PWC by keeping it dry when it is not in use and saving you time and effort with our unmatched design. No matter how you look at it, the Jet Dock floating dock is the best move for your WaveRunner docking needs. If you have any questions concerning our popular line of products, reach out to our excellent customer service department today!