Using Your Residential Boat Dock Is Easier Than Ever

Ease of access is a critical factor when choosing your residential boat dock. Since our private docks sit just inches above the water, going on board and launching your watercraft is easier than using a conventional boat lift. Our residential floating docks are also easy to clean and require little ongoing maintenance.

Unsure which boat dock is right for you? Check out our Dock Finder tool to help you decide which one you need. Our boat and jet ski docks adapt to your needs with space-saving design innovations. Our modular, interlocking cube system means our residential floating docks can fit virtually anywhere. If you have a tightly-confined space or no slip at all, we still have the private dock for you.

Flexibility Plus Portability Equals
Jet Dock Residential Boat Docks

More than any product on the market, our residential floating docks are flexible, portable and interchangeable. Add or remove sections or change the entire shape of your private boat dock when the need arises.

Not to mention, Jet Dock residential docks are 100% portable! Install, remove and re-install your jet ski dock anywhere. You'll have all the tools and tips you need from us. We'll help you build and maintain your residential floating dock no matter where you go. With the modular design of our boat docks, you have the freedom to customize your dock's shape any time you want. Get the most from your private dock with Jet Dock.

Our Residential Docks Work at Any Depth

Does shallow water have you concerned? Our residential floating docks are the solution. Our private docks float to the surface, which is precisely where you want them to be. Deep or shallow water makes no difference. Ease and convenience are wrapped up in every Jet Dock private boat dock we sell. Attach your residential floating dock to existing seawalls or other structures on your property for secure, safe docking regardless of water depth.

Flexibility Plus Portability Equals Jet Dock Residential Docks
Jet Dock Residential Floating Docks Work at Any Depth

Get Private Docks For More Than Boats

In addition to our world-class boat docks, Jet Dock produces Jet Ski docks designed for personal watercraft. Utilizing our same great modular design for portability and customization, our Jet Ski docks come with all the same great features as our residential floating docks. Simply drive your PWC onto our floating dock and secure it for easy disembarking in the future.

We also offer floating kayak docks for a safe, stable launching platform. Our slide-on, slide-off design makes the launching and recovery of your canoes and kayaks a breeze. Extend or expand your platform with our modular building blocks. Take them apart and move them around as needed to create your very own custom private dock.

Create Your Custom Dock

Choose Jet Dock For Your Private Dock

Jet Dock residential floating docks provide easy access to your watercraft while maintaining a low profile. You and your family can enjoy the scenic view of your waterfront house without the obstruction of a large private dock. Choose from a number of modular, customizable designs and expand your floating dock to fit your needs. Contact us today to find out how our residential boat docks can work for you.

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