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Boat Dock Mooring and Installation

Your floating dock or boat lift is only as good as its mooring. But don't be concerned! Unlike traditional boat lift mooring or floating dock installations, your JetDock requires no commercial grade equipment, pile drivers, marine contractors or carpenters. JetDock manufactures simple mooring solutions for boat lifts and floating dock installations in all types of waters, including fluctuating waters when attaching to an existing stationary structure (PDF), attaching to a floating structure (PDF), or attaching to no existing dock structure (PDF) at all. Your JetDock will be moored steady and sturdy down at water's level where you really need it!

For connecting your boat lift or floating dock system to stationary structures like bulkheads, seawalls or fixed docks, use the JetDock Tide Manager™ System. The Tide Manager can be attached to wood, concrete, or steel. Your JetDock will still move up and down with fluctuating waters, but will not unduly sway from side to side or be unstable to use. 

For attaching your boat lift or floating dock to existing floating docks or floating marina piers, use the Fender Mooring System. This system protects both the JetDock and the existing floating dock structure or marina from rubbing or abrasions, yet will be firmly and securely attached.

For completing your floating dock installation or boat lift mooring when there is NO existing structure, use the JetDock Stand Alone Tide Manager System. Your JetDock will move up and down with water level fluctuations, yet will remain firmly in one plane - safe and easy to use -- even if you have no existing dock, bulkhead or seawall whatsoever!


As with any type of JetDock mooring solutions, your JetDock system will remain portable, moveable and changeable. Imagine how important it is to have your boat lift or floating dock be portable with an approaching hurricane or tornado! Still not convinced you can moor it yourself? Contact your JetDock representative for "turnkey" installation by a professional. Your boat lift and floating dock solution is just a phone call away.


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