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Floating Dock and Boat Lift Assembly

Floating dock design, boat lift engineering and portable dock building not your forte? Don't worry!  With JetDock, all the engineering, dock plans and pre-assembly are done for you!  Over 70% of all JetDock customers perform the final assembly and installation of many of the simpler JetDock floating dock or boat lift design on their own!

Even people with no prior marine construction experience are doing it.  Conventional dock designs, dock plans, floating dock hardware and engineered dock drawings are not necessary.  JetDock has taken care of all the details, and virtual all of the pre-assembly.  With a little information from you, JetDock will prepare your system to be right for your watercraft and water site.

Boat Dock Assembly Video

PWC Dock Assembly Video

Final Assembly of your JetDock is straight forward. All docking systems are pre-assembled at the factory and divided into portable dock sections for manageable shipping and movement. Each assembly step is backed with instructions, heat-sealed parts packages, boxed and labeled accessories, printed assembly instructions and a detailed, step-by-step Assembly & Installation Video -- all designed to make the Assembly process fun and successful. All dock accessories and dock parts are included -- you do not need to visit the plumbing store to finish your project!

So go ahead and tell your friends that you built your own jet ski dock, built a boat lift, designed a floating dock, engineered your own dock plans - whatever you want! With JetDock, you will spend only a fraction of the time and yield a far superior result, good for a Lifetime!

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