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Floating Boat Lifts: Find the Lift That Makes Sense for Your Boat

Here are the 3 lift categories that we have to offer:

Should your craft be a Jet Ski, a small 12' dinghy, kayak, pontoon boat, yacht, small sailboat with a retractable keel or a high performance 35' offshore boat, one of our lifts will provide the benefit of easy drive-on lift loading, coupled with maintenance-free lift construction, and still remain portable and modular. We would argue that our systems are hands down the best solution to tackle all boat lifting situations!

Features that make our products the best:

  • Pivoting Pedestal Winch – A raised winch that creates more power, mounted at a better angle for pulling your craft forward.
  • Winch Assisted Launch System – “Z” pulley design that enables your craft to be pulled backwards for launching.
  • Bunk System that cradles your boat for extra stability.
  • KDS System that lifts the keel during drive on docking.
  • Heavy duty fasteners that create a strong, stable platform.
  • High Molecular Weight HDPE construction.
  • Easily accessible cleats providing a temporary tie-off point for the mooring of water craft.
  • Designed to withstand extreme marine weather conditions.

What reasons have our satified customers given in praise of their wise purchase and what makes our product far superior to the what competition has to offer?

  • Reduced exposure to the maritime enviroment..
  • Easily reconfigurable, meeting future docking requirements.
  • The elimination of rust, rot, corrosion or splintering that preserves an excellent appearance all-year around!
  • Convenient perimeter cleats = Simple "tie-off" mooring!
  • Surfaces resist ice, UV, fuel, and impact damage.
  • Non-polluting construction & design.
  • High durability that equates to an excellent investment!
  • Ease of installation - pre-assembled at the factory, lightweight, no pilings, no alterations or permanent attachments required.
  • Handles crafts up to 50 feet long! Kayak docking, jet skis, small sail boats, and even yachts!


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